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Our missions

The AUA has the following MISSIONS

To represent architects of the member institutes at national and international levels.

To assist member institutes to enable architects to function in a proper manner by defining the qualifications necessary for the practice of architecture and excluding entry of unqualified persons into the profession.

To give all possible support to the creation and growth of new member institutes where non-existent within the continent.

To encourage establishment and strict observance of the professional code of conduct/ethics/practice in member Institutes.

To give all possible support to member institutes with respect to the establishment of the conditions under which architects can properly carry out professional practice.

To promote the recognition of the architect’s role in Society, and to maintain public confidence by upholding professional standards and integrity of architects of member institutes.

To promote active participation of architects in public activities in member countries, and especially in the field of the built environment.

To promote the free movement of architects between member countries and encourage mutual recognition of qualifications within the framework of national registration requirements.

To foster and maintain professional contacts, mutual co-operation and assistance among Member Institutes and to maintain contact with other international associations of similar objectives and functions.

To promote awareness and preservation of African architectural heritage.

To promote and encourage the achievement of environmentally sensitive and sustainable design.

To develop progressive ideas in the fields of architecture and town-planning as well as their practical application for the welfare of communities.

To define and re-define, whenever necessary, the role of the architect in a changing world, and especially with emphasis on African heritage and values.

To promote and foster the training of architects and encourage the harmonization of architectural education and accreditation of courses

To facilitate international and continental exchange of architectural trainers, researchers and students.

To promote research and technical advancement in the field of the built environment and to encourage the interaction of architects with other disciplines, professions and interests in the building industry