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B4H Resilient Design Competition

B4H Resilient Design Competition

Lisbon, Portugal

Description :
Dear colleagues of the Africa Union of Architects, The 8th International Conference on Building Resilience (ICBR) is running an international design contest: the Building 4Humanity Resilient Design Competition, which welcomes applications from interdisciplinary teams composed of professionals or students. Professional teams can submit either built or unbuilt projects for resilient buildings or settlements, focusing on any hazard type(s). Besides prize money for the three best architectural submissions in each category, the Competition offers exhibition and publication opportunities for all shortlisted projects. We would highly appreciate your contribution to this exciting contest by spreading the word with all your colleagues and the members of the Africa Union of Architects who may be interested in showcasing their innovative resilient design ideas. More information can be found in the attached flyer and on the Resilient Design Competition's website (accessible through the 8th ICBR’s website). The Organizing Committee of the Building 4Humanity Resilient Design Competition and the Marielle Franco Community-Design Award Director: Nuno Martins (chair of the 8th ICBR – International Conference on Building Resilience) Executive managers: Liliane Hobeica and Adib Hobeica (members of the Organizing Committee of the 8th ICBR)

Organizer : Aua - Aua Admin
Date : 2018-11-14

ISCTE - Instituto Universitario de Lisboa, Avenida das Forças Armadas, Lisbonne, Portugal