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Country : Angola


During my academic career, I developed a work philosophy that involves design, with a multidisciplinary function and collective effort, in order to respond to needs contemporary and future problems. I also believe that architecture is the result of a job combined with passion, innovation and common sense, thus being able to transform a place or object into a single, customized solution that meets human needs.

Country : Malawi


to live in a world of modern and contemporary architecture, one that will produce some truly jaw-dropping monuments to human ingenuity and aesthetic sensibility that is certainly worth a good look.

Country : Burkina Faso


As an Architect, my vision will be to design some places that enhance the human's experience .

Country : Algeria


Country : Kenya

Musomba Mulei

Nothing in this world is more simple and more cheap than making cities that provide better for people.

Country : Tunisia

El Kebir Mohamed Wahbi

Country : Tunisia

Jihène ALAYA

Country : Mauritius

koushaal joaheer

Country : Algeria

Mohammed Amin ELAGGOUNE

ELAGGOUNE MOHAMMED AMIN, Young Architect had won national and international awards on his works.

Country : Congo DRC

TOMBOLA Patience

a healthy and sustainable habitat for the less fortunate with the use of locally available materials