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Country : Tunisia

aymen sellaouti

L'architecture c'est la vie

Country : Morocco


Country : Kenya

Joshua Asati

Country : Algeria


Country : Kenya

Kimani Muiruri

Art,Passion, Creativity.

Country : Tunisia

Yathreb Fardhi

Country : Ethiopia

Samuel Afewerk Lemma

Understanding the vernacular and sustainably develop contemporary living environment in harmony with the laws of mother earth.

Country : South Africa

Gallagher Lourens Architects

The practice strives to find well-informed, contemporary design solutions which are respectful towards the environment, both natural and man made, and which do not mimic existing precedent, but speak of specific time, place and culture.

Country : Morocco


Owner Atelier ArcBen Architect Architectural study of the projects: Palace of Culture with theater of 680 seats in Taza -work in progress- Bus station in Taza -Travaux in finishing- 376 social housing in Sidi Bennour El Jadida region - under study- Headquarters Shrirate Temara Prefecture Many projects of social housing true Morocco National Center for Blood Transfusion And many achievements

Country : Cape verd

DiasCorreia Lopes Pedro Gregório

I´m sure, that, we have a responsability as Architect in the World. All things we build and planed, must be have in Big realtion with the Nature, Clima and Local conditions. So for me personly, I believe, that we must unify Function+Constrution and Form and response with good and integrate Solutions