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Country : Congo DRC


Repenser l'habitat tropical, en y apportant modernité et luxe. Réorganiser l'espace publique des villes du sud en accordant assez de place à l'homme et à un environnement saint. J’espère voir un Pritzker africain avant ma mort.

Country : Nigeria


As an Architect it's my goal to provide Sustainable solutions as it relates the environment.

Country : Congo DRC

Danny Mpoto

As an architect, my goal is to offer a high quality design, using technology to promote efficiency. A design that respond to the current and future challenges of Africa. Sustainability is the key to achieve these goals. Our natural environment will allow me to realize my vision of a better design for the future. Therefore, I plan to build an architecture that responds enormously to this rich African environment, by using innovative ideas that will be build for Africans by Africans while taking into account our cultures and our way of living.

Country : Egypt

Mohamed Ayman DAEF

Art from the Heart

Country : Kenya

Mbote Gitau

Authentic African Architecture.

Country : Zambia

Sicubu Sibanda

To create a space that is a vision and environmentally world brick by brick for the future and generations to come.

Country : Botswana


Country : Madagascar


I am experimenting innovative architecture, and when given the opportunity, integrate all aspects of the architectural process: master planning, formal architecture, interior design, landscaping, furniture design and branding. Sustainability is also a major aspect of my practice while taking into consideration tropical environment, affordable and reliable building materials as well as effective ventilation principles. Whereas my practice is still at its early days, I have already gained work experiences at different architectural firms in Canada and Madagascar. Trained in Urban Planning, I, then graduated in 2007 with a Master’s degree in Architecture from the École d’Architecture de l’Université de Montréal. I am now taking an active part at promoting Architect Profession around the country engaging in think tanks and working groups on contextual topics ranging from my involvement with local communities as well as with government institutions.

Country : Nigeria

Bukar Ali Kime

Country : Egypt

Abdullah Saqr