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Our Structure

The AUA structure

In order to accomplish the mission it has set to itself, the AUA has established a structural hierarchy that allows it to maintain permanent contact with professionals and representatives, and manage their relations at an African level, in a democratic and collegial manner.

The structure consists of:


The AUA General Assembly is made up of delegates from all the union’s Member Sections, and meets every three years. The assembly examines reports from Council on activities carried out during the period as well as propositions, it lays out triennial governance strategies for the union and elects Bureau and Council members.
During this assembly, the AUA :

- Ratify the admission or exclusion of Member Section.
- Decide on the locations of the AUA congresses
- Define the Union`s triennial activity programme
- Vote the AUA general budget
- Elect the Executive Committee and Council Members.


The AUA Council consists of the Executive committee and representatives from each of the 5 AUA regions and five co-opted members, one from each region.
The president, immediate past president, secretary general, treasurer, the five regional vice-presidents and three representatives from each region serve as AUA Council Members . The AUA Council meets twice a year.


The AUA Bureau consists of the president, immediate past president, secretary general, treasurer along with the five regional vice-presidents make up the AUA Bureau, which meets once a year, in between Council sessions. The Bureau members are also part of the AUA Council.